Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Steelers’ Bar: A Review of The Shark’s Cove and Gabe’s Bar and Grill

Walk from the Strand into The Shark’s Cove and this native of Pittsburgh thought she found heaven; a Steelers Country banner over the kitchen and flat screens everywhere with the ocean's salt water in the air. A man dances on the bar with his terrible towel and the fight song in stereo plays at touchdowns. The mystique of the ocean and fight song could not compensate, however, for the fact that this self-proclaimed Steelers Country local had been invaded by fans in Texan jerseys who were very unfriendly about sharing their large table. As if their snootiness about reserving the best seats for their Texan friends wasn’t bad enough, I saw Pats jerseys. Enough said.

Gabe’s Bar and Grill, 2965 S. Sepulveda, on the other hand is a true nation of Steelers. Despite many of the regulars having been born and raised in California, their Steelers upbringing taught them what it means to contribute to the building of a nation: Steeler country lives every game day here. A simple, bar bones bar fills with people in Steelers jerseys who welcome you and buy you a beer. High-fives are exchanged in rounds at every TD and crucial play. Who needs a stereo when the room can bellow “Here we go Steelers, here we go” while pounding fists onto the board covering the pool table? Being the most traveled fans in the league, it wouldn’t be a true nation of Steelers gathering without a makeshift something to show off the ingenuity of Pittsburghers. Ask for Amy and grab a Rolling Rock, I recommend the Mean Joe’s chix strips n’ fries. Next week I’ll let you know how the Ben-sized Roethlisberger Berger tastes after we play the Lions. This Cheers of Steelers Nation is just South of I-10 on Sepulveda and there is parking in the back. The lot doubles at the field for the half-time touch football game.

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