Monday, August 13, 2012

The Palestinian Territories & my H=ART residency

Olive Tree
Beit Sahor

Many thanks to everyone for inquiring after my artist residency and trip to Israel and the Palestinian Territories.  Below is an outline of our tours, meetings and program over the course of July 23-August 5th.

Day 1

Tour of the ICB (International Center of Bethlehem)
Church of the Nativity
Sheperd's Field

Dheisheh Refugee Camp Tour and Visit

Day 2

Via Dolorosa
Western Wall
Dome of the Rock
ICAHD Tour (Israeli Coalition Against Home Demolition)

Day 3

B'Tselem meeting
Yad Vashem; Holocaust Museum in Jerusalem

Day 4

House of the Patriarchs
CPT (Christian Peacemaking Team) Meeting and Tour

Day 5
Dead Sea

Day 6
East Jerusalem

Arts Program; intros
lectures by Gassaf Gavron and Francisco Avila

Day 7
East Jerusalem

Arts Program
Lecture by Yonathan Berg & myself

Day 8

Arts Program
Dar al-Kalima
Lecture: "Palestinian Art: Art of Resistance or Aesthetics" by Faten Nastas Mitwasi, Chairperson of the Visual Arts Department & presentation by Alynn Guerra

Day 9

Arts Program
Dar al-Kalima
Lecture: "Palestinian Film" by Rama Mari
Painted on the Wall at Checkpoint 300

Day 10

The Olive Tree Campaign Tour

Day 11

Milk Grotto
Casa Nova

Open Studio Time

Day 12
Tel Aviv

Morning Mass, Grotto, Church of Nativity
Grand Beach Hotel Rooftop Pool and Mediterranean

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